Bankruptcies, Debt Collection and Foreclosures

Trieu Law can handle all of your personal or corporate bankruptcy needs in Louisiana. Our New Orleans based staff attorneys can help you to plan for the right bankruptcy solution for your particular situation. 

Sometimes, Chapter 11 (for companies) or 13 (for individuals) reorganization is the best option, particularly if there is a viable path to solvency. Other times, a Chapter 7 liquidation is the best path forward for debtor and creditor alike. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Planning ahead for bankruptcy can be the smartest way to stay ahead of a challenging situation.


We can also assist with debt collection in Louisiana for companies that experience chronic (or even episodic) non-payment by clients. Our team is professional, knows the law, and treats all debtors fairly. Our focus is on securing the best repayment plan possible for you by being open with the debtor about their choices going forward.

Finally, with foreclosures being an unfortunate part of life post-COVID, our attorneys have extensive experience with both creditor-led foreclosures and borrower-led defenses of foreclosure.

We know that every situation is different and work with you to determine the best path forward. In some cases, we can avoid foreclosure entirely by simple mediation among the parties and the creation of a new payment plan for the property. 

For more information bout bankruptcy, debt collection, and foreclosure from our staff attorneys, please contact us.