Closing Process

Once you have found the property that you wish to purchase and have an executed purchase agreement, contact Trieu Law and we will begin the closing process. Typically, this portion of the process includes contacting various city departments, bank officers, and third parties to determine the legal status of the property, its ownership history, any taxes or liens that may exist on it, and current mortgage details.


Our competent team will then perform the title examination to verify that the property can be conveyed without further legal work, that the property’s tax status is well understood and all mortgage payoffs have been ordered. 

Once these details (as well as termite certificates, insurance documentation, etc) are complete, we can advise you of the closing date and funds required at closing (cashier’s checks only).

What Happens During The Closing

Our staff attorneys will explain to both buyers and sellers the contents of the numerous documents that they will sign contain. We will answer questions regarding payments and next steps, and generally provide you with the details needed to confidently sign the appropriate legal documentation.

What Happens After The Closing

After the closing, our post-closing team records the documents with parish clerk’s office and sends records of that event to purchasers and lenders. We are also available to answer questions post-closing, should any additional questions arise. 

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I wanted to thank you for your amazing work to get the closing on my house done asap. Kylie was amazing. You are very blessed to have her. She went above and beyond to reassure me that everything would go smoothly.

Another thank you for keeping me safe during this time. It was very important to me. As I have come a long way. To heal from my past. Once again I would recommend your firm to everyone.