Real estate law

Real estate is often a good investment and the real estate market is currently booming throughout most parts of Louisiana. However, boundary disputes, as well as construction litigations, aren’t uncommon, so people who deal with the acts of sale and transfer of property often get involved in these disputes.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need assistance with real estate law and financing agreements, our team of qualified attorneys can help. Our lawyers have experience in handling both residential and commercial real estate transactions and litigations, and they will make sure you’re represented fairly.

real estate law

We offer the following real estate law services

  • Real estate closings. Managing closing for commercial and residential properties.
  • Real estate transactions. Handling transactions for those who are selling and purchasing the property.
  • Real estate litigation. Dealing with litigation through meticulous review of all discovery materials and contracts.
  • Cooperative and condominium law. Providing services related to conversion, development, purchase, and sale of coops and condos.
  • Mortgages and financing. Representation for owners and lenders for refinancing and financing real estate property.
  • Leases and contracts. All types of contracts such as commercial, residential, and office leases, license agreements, and so on.
  • Formation and organization of entities. Creating entity and operative agreements for investment, ownership, development, and management of the real estate.
  • Environmental issues. Evaluating any potential environmental law problems regarding the property.
  • Real estate disputes. Dealing with brokerage and commission claims, construction defect disputes, construction contract disputes, and other types of real estate disputes.
  • Premises liability. Handling cases that involve claims for personal injuries and property damage.
  • Code compliance. Ensuring you comply with all local zoning laws and building code requirements.
  • Regulatory compliance. Assisting with regulatory compliance and helping you get aid from programs that are supervised by government agencies.
  • Debt relief. Dealing with debt restructuring and real estate workouts.

Do you have more questions?

Here at Trieu Law, we are happy to assist any individuals, investors, businesses, and contractors with real estate issues they might have such as litigation and transactions. Our team of experienced lawyers has a great understanding and knowledge of real estate law and we know how complicated it can be.

That is why we want to make it as simple as possible for you and help you get the most out of every situation.