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Welcome to Trieu Law! We are a boutique law firm serving South Louisiana.

Our staff is experienced in domestic, civil and criminal law as well as property and auto title transfers.

We are one of the few New Orleans area law firms to offer fully fluent Vietnamese and Spanish speaking staff.

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Trieu Law has been selected as one of the Best Real Estate Attorneys serving New Orleans!

You are a great attorney but it’s more than that. You are a kind and loving woman. I saw it in your eyes. I prayed everyday and I prayed to God to send me that special person to help my grandson and he sent me you. Really Connie this case needed you. No one else could do this like you. Your passion and fight was remarkable… Always know that you are so loved and we are truly grateful that we have you.

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Trieu Law is compliant with ALTA Best Practices, as judged by a rigorous review of our processes and policies. We work hard every day to deliver the best possible transactions for our customers.