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Legal Services

The Legal Services page explains common legal challenges that you may be facing and how we can best assist you.

Buyer Services

The Buyer Services page explains common issues that buyers face when purchasing a property.

Seller Services

The Seller Services page explains how we can help to help you to sell your property quickly and simply.

Agent Services

The Agent Services page provides helpful links to tools that facilitate efficient closings for your clients.

Auto Title

The Auto Title Services page explains when to transfer your auto title and what other DMV services you may need.

Closing Process

The Closing Process page explains more about what to expect during your real estate transaction.

1031 Exchanges

The 1031 Exchanges page explains more about how to defer taxes on the sale of your investment property.

Title Insurance

The Title Insurance page explains more about why choose it to protect your valuable investment.


The Successions page explains more inheriting properties with or without a will.

Estate Planning

Learn about how best to protect your assets with an estate plan.

Condominium Conversions

Learn more about how to convert your property into a condominium.

Historic Tax Credits

Learn more about using historical tax credits for your development project.

Bond for Deed

The Bond For Deed page explains more about how use seller financing to transfer title between a willing buyer and willing seller with no banker, appraisal or credit check required.


The FIRPTA page provides the main legal questions and high-level answers for tax issues for foreign buyers of US real estate.


Learn about Trieu Law’s bankruptcy, debt collection, and foreclosure services