Buyer Services

Today’s real estate buyers can be quickly overwhelmed by the number of requests for information, complex government regulations and legal challenges from contested or missing wills.

Trieu Law helps you to understand your transaction, from the first phone call to the final signature. We also provide you with title insurance so you have peace of mind that your newly acquired property will not be unjustly taken from you because of errors or oversights. 

When you close with Trieu Law, we help you to understand:

  • Who needs my information and why?
  • Why are there so many inspections needed prior to closing?
  • What are all of these forms?
  • Didn’t I just sign something like this?
  • What are these waiting periods I keep hearing about?
  • Why can’t I close today?

On our website you can find a Louisiana residential sales contract so you can make an offer on your property without waiting on the seller’s offer first.

In addition, please use our advanced amortization calculator to understand what your principal, interest and tax payments would be for your chosen property. You can even choose to have the resulting payment table emailed to you for future use.

Contact us with your questions today.