• Connie Trieu
    Connie Trieu Owner/Manager

    Connie is the founder and owner of Trieu Law.

    Read her full bio here.

  • Barbara Kozlowski
    Barbara Kozlowski Notary/Assistant

    Barbara works as a Notary for Trieu Law.

  • Jasmine Dang
    Jasmine Dang Assistant/Marketing

    Jasmine works as a Law Clerk for Trieu Law.

  • Hung Trieu
    Hung Trieu Receptionist/Assistant

    Hung works as Trieu Law’s receptionist.

  • James Raff
    James Raff Attorney

    James works as an Attorney for Trieu Law.

  • Cami
    Cami Clerk/Assistant

    Cami works as a Law Clerk for Trieu Law.

  • Linh
    Linh Clerk Assistant / Reconciler

    Lihn works as a Reconciler for Trieu Law.